Allegany Law is legal services program assisting low-income clients and seniors in Allegany County in Western Maryland in civil cases.  Assistance includes referrals to pro bono attorneys and representation by contract attorneys providing reduced fee assistance through legal clinics and court representation.  Eligible clients are provided assistance with their cases at no cost.  Allegany Law was founded by the Bar Association of Allegany County in 1997.

  • To apply for legal assistance, call 301-722-3390 during intake hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon.  If you do not reach a staff member when you call in, leave a message with a number to reach you.
  • When you are screened in the intake process you will be asked questions about your family income.  Our ability to provide you with representation is regulated by our grantors and is based on the family income and the type of case.
  • We will require you to provide proof of income before the case is accepted for placement.
  • Because we rely on the generosity of volunteer attorneys to accept cases when they are available, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a lawyer for every client.
  • If you have a case in court, it is important that you give us as much time as possible prior to a court date to try and find you an attorney.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 301-722-3390.  Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.    The following programs provide assistance to our clients:


  • Probono Legal Representation

 Private attorneys in Allegany County accept pro bono cases from our organization. Clients must meet our income eligibility guidelines and fall into our case priorities.  After screening clients at intake, staff seek volunteer attorneys to represent clients in these matters. Service priorities for placement of cases are as follows: family law; housing emphasizing distressed homeowners and foreclosure-related tenant problems senior self-determination including advance directives, powers of attorney and deeds; consumer finance; and income maintenance.

  • Judicare Program

Eligible clients with contested family law cases in Allegany County are provided with a Judicare Certificate and given assistance obtaining the services of a private panel attorney to represent them in litigation.  Clients will usually use the services of the Family Law Self Help Clinic to initiate the case and then seek a placement in the Judicare Program after the opposing party has been served and responds. Allegany Law compensates the attorneys directly for their legal fees.

  • Family Law Self-Help Clinics

Attorneys assist with the completion of family law (domestic relations) court forms.  This service is open to the public, without charge and without screening for income.

Every Tuesday 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Circuit Court Annex
59 Prospect Square
Cumberland, MD 21502

  • Distressed Homeowners through Foreclosure Project

Since 2008, Allegany Law has joined with other Maryland legal services programs to partner with Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to  assist homeowners facing foreclosure.  With the assistance of Maryland’s Office of the Attorney General through the National Mortgage Settlement, we have been able to provide further services to distressed homeowners in Allegany County.  Our services include

  • Representation by private attorneys in foreclosure cases including foreclosure mediation;  bankruptcy cases and consumer problems
  • Clinics and educational  seminars at locations throughout the county
  • Foreclosure Solutions Workshops

  • Services for Seniors  

Allegany Law works through Human Resource Development Commission (HRDC) to provide free services to people over the age of 60 without regard to income and assets in priority areas of law. The areas of law include income maintenance, health care, housing, employment, age discrimination/civil rights, protective services, landlord/tenant relations and custody/visitation.  Staff will also assist with advance directives and powers of attorney.  Requests for wills are referred to private attorneys.


  • Free Wills for Veterans

‚ÄčServing those who protected us

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces living in Allegany County can have a FREE simple will prepared by a Maryland Volunteer Attorney.

Call Allegany Law Foundation at (301) 722-3390 to learn more about this FREE opportunity. 

In order to qualify a low-income screening is required. Certain asset and income guidelines may apply.